Paul Bloore Co–Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Paul Bloore, CTO Paul is CTO and co-founder of Idée Inc. He is the visionary behind Idée's image search technologies. Paul has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing innovative commercial software. As CTO, he is responsible for product direction as well as research and development of visual search and image identification technologies.

Prior to co–founding Idée, Paul was co–founder of TrueRisk Inc. which developed large-scale market risk analysis software. TrueRisk grew to become one of the leading developers of quantitative financial software for trading and risk management. In 1999 SunGard Data Systems Inc. (NYSE: SDS) acquired TrueRisk.

Paul Bloore is characterized by passion for (read: dangerous obsession with) the applications of image search technologies. In his spare time he thinks about using image processing and prosthetics to aide the vision impaired.

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